Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Polaroids 6

Weekend trip to Venice Beach with my Polaroid 600 box camera, and some fantastic PX 680 film. Here are the results:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Christmas

Confession time again- I've been unemployed since late September.

Please sir, may I 'ave a job?

I have been hesitant to bring it up here, since the last thing I want is for this blog to turn into an airing of grievances, and I'd like to think I'm striving for reading more interesting or highbrow than just my personal experiences. After all, isn't reveling in the personal lives of others what facebook is for? I think I've done a pretty good job though, aside from the occasional sarcastic twitter-rant. Yup. Not my proudest moment.

I'm not going to sugar coat it- the job search has been pretty tough on me. Cutting expenses back to bare bones means I've not only eating a lot of ramen and peanut butter, but also not seeing friends because I'm hesitant to go out at all, and neglecting parts of my creative life in favor of trying to get hired. But of course what you do to (try to) get paid isn't necessarily what you find fulfilling.

The handful of polaroids I've posted on the blog have been my most popular posts by far. And I absolutely love polaroid photography, but I haven't been able to buy film in a pretty long time.

So, pretty much apropos of nothing, I send out this tweet about a week ago:

And get this in response!

And the other day a package shows up on the doorstep... from the christmas elves at The Impossible Project.

And it's just full of christmas cheer!

Now, I'm not a religious person, but this is absolutely in the spirit of Christmas. And really the reason I'm writing today is because I'm just completely blown away by the amazing warmth and kindness that the Impossible team shared with me. Thank you so much for the film, I'll try to make the best of these shots! I also hope this little "love letter" will repay your kindness just a little bit. Dear readers, fish that old Polaroid camera out of the closet, order some film from The Impossible Project, and get shooting!!

Merry Christmas to all; I'm sure we'll all muddle through somehow, as the song goes.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bustler: Helsinki Central Library Entry by PAR & Arup

With the conclusion of the first phase of the Helsinki Central Library design competition, these designs have finally been released for publication. I was lucky enough to work on the entirety of this competition entry while I was at PAR. Please, take a look and enjoy!

Bustler: Helsinki Central Library Entry by PAR & Arup

Monday, October 08, 2012

Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio

Since I recently posted my latest portfolio- focusing on Urban Design academic work completed at SCI-Arc- I thought I'd also post my portfolio that I completed in 2010 when I was applying for grad. schools. I think the look of it is a bit dated and may be re-organizing these projects into a purely Architecture-focused portfolio in the future, but the document has its own integrity about it nonetheless. Enjoy:

Thursday, August 16, 2012


My final project in the SCIFI studio is online at last, through the brand new SCIFI blog! I'm proud of my work at SCI-Arc and have been careful about presenting it in the best way possible. Take a look!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

gone YACHTing

I have a confession to make. I have a huge crush on YACHT. Not only do they make amazing music, but they have a consistant aesthetic sensibility that is influenced by so many different intellectual (read nerdy) topics. Plus they are great fans of art and architecture, and wrote one of the best musical shout outs to LA in the last few years. I mean, how many other bands do you know that have a Superstudio reference in one of their music videos???

Bottom line, they are super cool and I want to hang out with them. Go, listen.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Portfolio, or lack thereof

If you've been following this blog for a while you know I've mentioned my portfolio before, and that I have plans of turning this blog into a richer website. I've tried to confine related posts to process images and the like, but I realize that there has been a distinct lack of progress on these design projects, which I'm beginning to feel is giving me a competitive disadvantage in my job search. I don't want to offer excuses for inaction, but today I'd like to address the portfolio issue head on.

The portfolio is an established, traditional method of representing one's work within the architecture and design fields, and is a preferred interview tool. Regardless of your design goals, it is a handy document to have. The creation of a designer's first portfolio is typically tackled as a project in academia, but as I was in a compressed masters degree program this was not the case for me.

Partially due to the compressed schedule of my degree, I suffered from a bad case of post-grad burnout and was unable to even look at my projects for several months. Also I've really been hustling recently- out of necessity. Being busy is preferable to being not busy, but it forces some things to get pushed to the bottom of the list, and the portfolio project has been the biggest one. Finally, as a portfolio is a very highly curated and designed document that is essentially meant for publication, it takes an immense amount of effort and organization to begin to assemble one. I'm basically creating a book, and time is limited.

I've had over a dozen interviews since graduation, most of which have gone very well. And I don't approach interviews empty-handed; I bring my old portfolio that got me into SCI-Arc, some work-in-progress images from whatever I've been doing recently, an old mock construction document set from OSU, and one or two of my Europe travel journals. However I feel that these artifacts, however compelling, are no substitutes for a proper portfolio document. In fact I feel like the lack of such a comprehensive document is contributing to my difficulty in landing a full-time job. Add to this the addition of students graduating this weekend into an extremely competitive market, as well as the refusal of an important ex-professor to to advocate on my behalf until I have a completed portfolio.

Given these concerns, I can't help but wonder if portfolios are a truly necessary part of the life of a creative person, or if there isn't a better or more accurate way to represent your creativity and design strengths. For now these questions lack an answer- so I'll just keep working on it until it's done. Hopefully that will be soon.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summary- Helsinki Central Library competition

The PAR entry for the Helsinki Central Library competition was submitted a few days ago, and I think I can safely say we are all very proud of the results. We were lucky enough to partner with Labtop for project images, and I'll share some of the fantastic drawings and renderings here after they go live on the PAR website. However if you happen to be in the Helsinki area, the organizers of the competition are holding an exhibition of all the competition entries from May 10th to the 16th; complete information can be found here. This was a really fun competition and I can't wait to see the other designs.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Recently I accepted a position as an intern at a local architecture firm. This is a big relief for me since I've been worried about getting a job, however it is uncompensated. Unpaid internships are a common practice in architecture and to some extent we all do it when we're starting out.

I know that in the past I've used this blog as a platform to express my disgust with the exploitation of young architectural workers, but I feel that this arrangement is morally fine for a few reasons. Firstly it's strictly for work on architectural competitions, for which the firm is not compensated. Also to be blunt I really need the experience. A gap on my resume would be poisonous once new graduates start entering the market in June and July. If you don't work for too long people start to assume it's for a reason. Finally I will be able to count this experience towards my eventual licensure, which is important in itself. Plus they do good work.

So things are beginning to look up for me- the work is exciting, it's great to have a full schedule for a change, and I'm starting to rack up IDP hours again. And who knows- maybe these competition entries will even be published?